You are welcome to join the "calm-speeded" running and biking team on our daily trails through the nature and various beaches of the 'Darßer Ort'

our athletic running distances vary between 5 and 25km, and endurance run paces between 5:15 and 7:30 / always with special focus on heart-rate-variability (HRV) based personal efficiency & balance of body strength, endurance, well-being, longevity and health stability.


If you are further interested you can also ask for a special guided tour for you personally with dedicated focus on your body condition, health status and further improvements. This guided tour includes pre-consultation and coaching; in addition a professional sport & body condition watch can be provided on rental fee basis.


Our focus:  anima sana in corpore sano which translates as a healthy soul in a healthy body

Persönliche Abstimmung bezüglich Zeit, Treffpunkt, Dauer, Inhalt und den persönlichen Zielen des Trainees.


Basis: Gesamtdauer 100€ für 75min, individuell adaptierbar mit 15€ pro +/- 15min

(75min beinhalten ca. 8..10km running  or 25km biking activity, sowie Vorbereitung und Auswertung, )



buchbare add-on's:  

- Sportuhr mit Brustgurt-Pulsmessung und GPS  15€ pro trail

- touring bike or MTB   10€ pro trail